The Dragon Roars as the New Year begins

So begins the Year of the Dragon, the year of the Black Dragon!  And with it welcome to the roars of the dragon atop the castle at the farm.  Finally a small amount of snow has settled over the farm, was starting to wonder if we were ever going to see any of it.  For those that do not know us, we are a Friesian horse breeding farm and we will be having our 20th anniversary in 2013…wow…talk about feeling old.  We strive to breed horses that keep to what a Friesian horse should be and what we all came to love about them, their prance, the hair and the love they have.  They are really unlike other horses I have dealt with, and I am hooked.  We want a Friesian to look like this, not another breed but at the same time we try to keep up with changes and keep the farm going, which is not always easy.

But we did start out the year with a bang.  We tried to get Lionheart, our boy, Horse of the Year again, but we realized even though our horses did awesome and our riders are something else, the number of shows have doubled and tripled on the east and west coasts and only a few remain here.  We tried to add more shows here but the support is just not here.  But despite that we are soooo pleased, we love our mooses and our riders.  We took quite a few USEF awards and placings and IFSHA awards as well.  Our biggest ones were to be Owner and Breeder of the year for Friesian USEF for the 3rd year in a row.  Bearend, our other boy, was Res Stallion of the Year, he has been champ for two years in addition.  Alchemy, Lion’s sister, was USEF Hunter of the Year.  Lion got plenty of placings but esp was IFSHA Western Horse of the Year for the 2nd year and also Champion in the Other division..well, that means a lot of stuff, lol.  And lots of other things in there, its awesome!

But plenty of work to do.  Plans to work on for the upcoming year.  Concentrating on breeding the boys and selling some horses and lots of other stuff.  Well…far too much babble and not enough roaring…so…Roaaarrrr!!  …and welcome!!


2 thoughts on “The Dragon Roars as the New Year begins

  1. Cynthia Clark says:

    I have been a horse lover for 64 yrs. As a child I would dream of either being a horse or owning and loving a horse of my own. I used to ride in my young life but due to back problems had to give up riding in my mid twenties.

    My Son and Granddaughter went with me a little over a year to the Horse show in Novi. That is where I met, had my picture taken with the most beautiful horse in the world. I use the video on my iphone and look at Lionheart daily. You were all so sweet to listen to me ramble on and gush over him. You were so kind to extend an invitation to your farm, unfortunately have not been able to make it there.

    Thank you for this site and blog. Take care and give Lionheart a hug from me. Good luck on your breeding plans and sales.

  2. Thank you for your comments! Though we couldn’t make it to the last one, Novi has always been one of our favorites. I loved it best when it was at the building next store, though the ring was not the best, it was just a great show. Lion loves the attention, such a ham and we love to hear about him, so we will listen to it all! So ramble away! =)

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