Let it snow! Let it snow!! Let it snow….

Ok, so….its snowing for like the 3rd time this winter, not sure I would call this a winter, especially for Michigan.  By next week it is going to be 45, so will not see that snow for long, all of a couple of inches anyway.  I really wanted to do some more winter shots with the horses but since it is not much of a winter, so far that has been a bust.  To have a nice decent snow makes for some awesome pictures the next day.  Ah well, maybe I will still get lucky before the Michigan spring hits.

It has been a pain of a winter anyway.  Usually it is the farms down time and reboot for the next year, but it is more like trying to heal and be healthy for the upcoming season.  Ugh.  Jo’s shoulder has been messed up for months and trying to figure out what to do and whether or not it leads to surgery and I am lucky I can walk most of the time…sigh.  Oh well, trying to get things working but it’s not making it easy on us.

Always love it when it is snowing and watching the Friesians outside.  The white blanket that coats them and how the flakes lay on their manes and forelocks.  The best part is in their moustaches after they have been rooting underneath the snow!  Yes, some of them have moustaches.  It is actually a rare Friesian trait that I have noticed is being bred out of the breed, I see less and less of Friesians possessing it.  It is really a moustache that is above their upper lip, it will grow thicker with age and though it is smaller in the summer as they get their winter coat it grows out.  One older mare of ours, Jinke has a very long one, which is now white with age but we have often talked about using wax to curl it up, though I do not think she would be amused with us.

It is a shame many of the breeds unique qualities are being bred out, the moustache, the tipped ears and others.  I guess I want to keep a Friesian, a Friesian and if you want a different look, find a different breed, but it’s already changed, the breed has gone in a different direction.  But enough babbling, guess there was no real direction of this days blog, just babbling while it snows but…its already stopped snowing, lol.  So will find something more useful to talk about for the next one and enjoy the snow while it lasts.


2 thoughts on “Let it snow! Let it snow!! Let it snow….

  1. Pam Caprio says:

    Hi, I am a lucky owner of 3 beautiful “Old” style Friesians. All 3 have tipped ears and grow awesome moustaches! It is a shame that people are changing the breed! It is very sad,

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