Do horses really snore?

Oh yeah they do.  As we have been rocked with more than just an early spring, ok, more like an early summer, the horses have been enjoying all of it.  Despite the fact they still have their winter coats and I would not want to be wearing a fur in 80 degree weather, at least we have the sun and the mud and extra water have been clearing up fast.  And I see green!

When I was young, long before I had horses, I remember being taught that horses sleep standing up and laying down was not a good thing.  Boy, amazing how much wrong info there is out there.  Our Friesians sleep standing, laying or sprawled flat out.  When we first had the farm and saw the horses sprawled out flat, yea we used to check on them a lot.  As we went up to them we heard the tell-tale signs…zzzzzzz.  I had to laugh, good thing I don’t have to share a bed with that!

Every year we get multiple phone calls or people coming up the drive and wanting us to check our horses out as they are laying flat out.  I do still look out in the pasture, its in my nature to do so but when the weather is nice that is all I hear, the rumbling sound of snoring.  Sometimes we have more horses laying down than standing out in the field and I wish I could be them, laying out in the grass having a nice dream.  Though I admit, sometimes we have layed down with the babies out in the field, I think they thought that was kind of cool, I know we did!


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