Another Equine Affaire is done…

Well, the title pretty much says it all, another Equine Affaire is finished.  We have been attending the Ohio Equine Affaire since…hmm…I think 1996.  eeep, lol.  With the attempt at Equitana in this country gone, I believe that EA is the biggest horse trade show in the US.  EA actually has three shows, one in MA, one in CA and this one.  They tried doing one in KY, which we attended but it only happened once.  They just decided to put the CA one on hold for a couple of years, so now we just have two.  For those that do not know, it is a four-day event with horses coming in from all over, all types of breeds, demos and clinics galore and the best part….shop til you drop.  We often wait and pick up things we need as there are lots of deals.

We have taken anywhere from 3 – 7 horses, depending on what we are doing there.  We usually do various demos or have been in the nite performance in the past.   This year we had 4 and with my mare going as well, making 5.  There was anywhere from one to two demos a day this year, showing off the Friesian and teaching people about them.  The farm just did one separate demo this time as our numbers were short.  A few years ago we had even done a jousting demo though we are short the jousters to do one now, gets kind of hard to joust against yourself!  So we stuck to various different seats or costume, from medieval and renaissance to our latest venture, steampunk.

I was working on a post before EA but with all of the prep work, it just did not get finished.  I think EA has far more pre-work than regular showing, aside from just the horses and supplies we have the costumes, the stalls, photos, signs, info stuff as well as the embroidery and photos we are now selling.  Pant, pant…  You try to keep up to date and to be ready but it  never really happens, la!

This year went well.  Though no matter what we do there are problems that arise even if we think we are all set.  Guess its the nature of the beast…or the horse?  But you do your best and put on your best.  We love the horses and they make all of it worthwhile.  The best part is hanging next to the stalls with the door open so they can put their heads out.  As they mug everyone for pets and rifle bags for goodies, my mare is exceptionally good at looking for goodies!  I love how much these guys adore attention.  Makes up for the times as you’re getting ready for demos and start freaking out as you’re trying to finish putting all of the costumes on and get to the ring.  Of course you get to the ring in plenty of time but that performance anxiety, lol.

But despite the one day where it decided to rain all day, unfortunately on Sat, it was nice weather, great people and good performances by all.  I look forward to it every year but just as glad when it is done and you get a few days of rest.  Now we have our regular shows and hopefully we can sell some horses from this or get breedings for the boys.  Better get my butt outside, have to take a few photos for the website.


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