Tis show season

Well, trying to figure out what shows we can make this year. We will not be doing Grand Nationals this year, that is for sure, as it is back in California. It was supposed to be in the middle I thought this year but for 2 out of 3 yrs it is in CA. We did CA once to say we did that, that was it, not again, lol. It is really a lot on the horses, the people…and the pocket book! =P But it was cool to do something like that once, kind of a big adventure. So without Nationals we are ineligible for any of the big awards, bit of a bummer when you think about it.

Despite that, there are three shows that have Friesian classes at it, the IFSHA ones, two in WI and one in Ohio. We also have two young boys we are trying to promote and hopefully sell, so probably a dressage show or two in there. If we hit all of those I am not sure as of yet. Showing is not easy and is it a lot of work. It can be great and other times when you ask yourself…why am I doing this, lol. Well, we do it to see what we can do, what we are capable of and how far we can go and as always to promote the farm. Course, the fun part are the costume classes, lol. And we always have lots of laughs, in between swearing at each other! I think if we did not show we would miss it well, I know we would. But I know we will not always do it. And even this year I am not sure how much, sigh..we need to sell horses.

My mare will not be showing this year as she is set to have a baby in early July. Am looking forward to a new addition. So without her showing we decided to take a few sales horses in addition to others. Ah well…back to thinking about where we get to go this year, hmm. Europe? la la la…. Guess that is not a show though…grin.


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