Summer is here…and soon to be babies!

That pretty much says it all, summer has finally shown up.  With a weird spring it has now gone to high temps and no rain, yellow grass and bugs…ugh.  I got caught up in shows, family health and clients, with trying to sell.  But with all that I now have something better to look forward too, a new foal!  Well, it’s not here yet, but soon.  I decided to breed my mare as she needed to at least have a fourth on the ground for a chance at pref, so a oppurtunity arose last year, although late, to breed her.  Here in MI it is hard to have the early foals they have in CA or other areas, too much, cold, snow, mud and weird springs, May is really the best month, followed by June, so this one is a bit late but I cannot wait none the less.

I probably have about two weeks, though with her being bred late, she will probably go early, such is how it works.  Am I selling?  Hmm, I would love to keep a filly from Lucia, as she is getting older, but selling would be helpful to my finances but…  But I like to think back.  Lucia was the third foal born here on the farm and it was the first year we had foals here at BDF.  Our first foal was one that many know, Lionheart.  We learned a lot really fast and he has turned out to be a wonderful boy.  To see something so small, one would never think he would end up as an over 17h horse.  I have a photo I took of him where all you could see is a part of his head out of the grass pasture we had set up.  No matter how much one can get frustrated over business, life and whatever, watching a new foal truly makes you forget those.  I look forward to hearing the little whinnies again.

So I anxiously await my mares new foal.  We just moved her to another pasture and it is with her dam, who will take great care of them and be a grandmother to the new foal.  It is our only foal this year.  We do our best to be responsible breeders, we have enough to sell, there is no reason to breed too many unless you have a good reason.  Though I would love to have a whole pile each year, hehe.