Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Waiting for a mare to foal can be extremely nervewracking. You keep checking on her looking for the signs to tell you she is close. With a mare you know and that has foaled a few times before she has certain signs which are different than the others or you know what she usually does before she foals but its still nervewracking and they can often be sneaky! Some mares want you to be there and often wait til you are checking, others do not want you there and the minute you are out of site, boom, lol.

So I wait for my mare who’s due date is really almost two weeks away but those that are bred late often go early and often if they are bred early they go late, such is the general rule we have found. So she is generally sticking to that but really closer to her date, I expect she will go within the week. Course now that I said that, hehe. Course the heat lately would make anyone want to avoid it. Her stall is ready for her and I keep checking on her. She looks at me as I do and almost seems to smile and goes back about her business. I truly cannot wait to have my arms hugging a little foal again, I wonder if she is excited to be a mom again. Hmm. If only they could really talk.


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