All in White

I had wonderful intentions of doing at least weekly posts but the best laid plans as always,with horses, shows, paperwork, online work…the brain gets overloaded.  Though not as many shows or events this year we finally came down to the all important one, the one owners and breeders of Friesians wait the year for, the keuring.  For those that do not know, that is where we show our horses to the Dutch judges as they make their yearly pilgrimage to hit various sites on the US to judge our horses.  From the babies to the adults we wait and hope our horses obtain the best scores and the highest premies.  Of course we all think our horses are worthy of the rare first premie but not all are but yet we all hope.

For a reason I am not sure of, the proper way to present a Friesian horse is to dress all in white (the part we all love and look so good in, cough, cough) which includes the handler and the horse.  Years ago when we first started we could not find a bridle in white, we ended up finding racing bridles we could use which have since fallen apart.  White halters were easy, you could order those.  Bad enough finding white for yourself, better buy those white jeans at just the right time of the year!

We had 8 horses heading down to the keuring in Ohio, two trailers worth.  We were all set until Jo went to take the truck for gas she realized there was a problem, the truck was not stopping.  As she took it in we had news that made our heart sink, the brake lines had broken and no matter who we checked with it was going to take more than a day to fix and us out 2k…sigh.  Now what.  We checked with everyone we could and no one had a fifth wheel that we could get our trailer down with.  So we did what we could and took two small ones after our neighbor let us use their truck.  So most of the horses stayed home and left us heart-broken, but it was take a couple down or none at all.  So our young stallion Uther, a young mare and my mare and her new filly went down as well as meeting a gelding of ours at the grounds.

We thought our boy had a shot and it made us cheer as he made ster stallion.  Uther loved all the attention and thought he was the hit of the show, typical moose.  I had told Jo that so far I had not had a first premie for my horses and she told me my filly was nice, she had a shot, I smiled.  I always get excited when our horses go into the ring and my heart pounds and especially so when mine do.  I watched my filly go, as I had not really made her show off at the farm, and my eyes opened watching her go and I was forgetting to hit the shutter on my camera.  The judges then announced what they saw and I realized I was not hearing much in the way of bad but lots of good, I breathed and then they announced she was a first premie, I let out a cheer!  Oh my.  When she went back to show for the Champion Filly, I tried not to think that she had a chance but she strutted her stuff and her trot just floated but she was only 3 months and so much smaller than the 5 and 6 month olds she was showing against.  When they came to announcing it took a few moments for it to sink in as they talked about the age difference of the fillies and then said Nemesis was the Champ somewhere in there…everyone told me to go out there and I just looked staring.  Lol…I was so happy, what a little snot she is and she kicked butt.

Nemesis showed for the Keuring Champ but even though she was first premie and the older ster mare was a 2nd, the older mare one.  They discussed that but I never really figured out why the reason they do that but ah well, I love my filly and she still kicked some serious butt!  So we have one more show left, the USDF Finals in KY with Uther and Alchemy qualifying, cannot wait!

I look out as the leaves in the past few days have quickly changed colors.  I hope to get some photos shoots in before all of the leaves have dropped, cannot believe how quick the summer went.  So now to see if we can sell some horses before winter and the usual workings of the farm.  So we put away our whites for another year and give all of our hard-working horses a well deserved hug.