What to blog.

To Blog or not to blog, that is the question.  Or what to blog is the question.  I have not babbled here for a bit as the things have been a bit frazzled and the holidays do not make it better.  But then the question surfaces, what do you blog about.  It’s far easier if you have something you review constantly, or your making something or things that occur on a more daily basis.  But what do you blog about all the time for a horse farm??  It is the same thing with facebook for a farm, especially during the winter months, not much happens and who cares about the weather!  Argh.

So this blog will be short as I try to think with the new year where to begin and what to blab about.  And since I just got nailed with having two stress fractures in my foot, I need to take it easy, pfffff, lol.  Get to wear this lovely boot thing that is annoying as hell for 3 – 6 wks and hope my foot will finally heal.  But back to the weather!  It is going to be 50-something on Sat, so the mooses are enjoying the heat wave, though not the mud that is showing up in the snows place.

So any suggestions on what I should yap about let me know!

But Happy New Year to everyone, enjoy your 2013!


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