Spring is coming??

Hmm, well in Michigan that is a questionable question.  If you say “Spring is coming”, you know you are doomed and whoa to the person who said it!  But at the moment, its kind of nice here in the glove state.

The sun has peeked out from behind the thick clouds from which it has been hiding for quite some time, I for one was happy to see it, it has been awhile.  The temps rose to what we consider in MI, shorts weather!  lol, well, we have a different view of things here.  It has been rough since I cannot enjoy it completely having a boot on one foot (with the 2 stress fractures) and a strained Achilles on the other one, leftover ice and the rough terrain here is not my friend.  But it’s still been nice.

The Friesians have looked up and just been basking in it.  I looked out upon the pastures and more than one Moose in a pasture has been sprawled flat-out snoring in the sun.  Sometimes there is one overlooking them and sometimes not, all of them are getting a tan.  When they are enjoying themselves this is usually when we have people who drive by and next thing we know are heading up the drive to the house and knocking on the door.  Most people assume that when they sprawled that something is wrong with them.  I appreciate that they let us know but I smile and if I can sneak them down by the mooses they can hear the soft snore, or usually loud snore as they are enjoying their names and the sun.  People do not know that they love to sprawl in the sun and nap just as much as the rest of us!

I love watching them like that.  I do not mind the winter but I love this time of year as well as I know they do.  Hopefully though, I have not jinxed us by my words but lets keep the sun out and shining either way!  Think I might just dare the hill and head out into the pasture and curl up with them and get a little snooze in as well.


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