To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

I guess I have learned that I am not exactly a blogger or am I?  I truly wanted to keep something going for the farm and to tell it all on what is going on but it has not worked like I hoped.  It always seems like something has stopped me from sitting down and writing away.  I think about it in my brain on what I could write and put down but the problem is just never sitting down and watching the words spill out from my brain via my fingers to this blog.

There is always work on the farm and horses to adore, a lovely new colt to play with this year and various shows or events to attend.  Of course the never ending bills, paperwork and promoting and selling horses.  And then your life.  But it’s what we love and there are always the things you wish were not there…eww, paperwork and bills but then I think about our new boy and it makes it a bit easier, though he is a snot!

But I think about the good things that I should write about and I am hoping my brain will settle down to let it flow onto the virtual page.  Our new boy was born on Memorial day, a silvery color which when he gets older will not be one who browns out.  His name is Quintus, who is a Roman general and we expect him to lead for us when he older.  We also were very pleased when our boy Lionheart was invited to shown at Breyerfest which is held at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Another of our boys Uther is going to join him in the open demo but Lion gets his own!  And of course Uther is showing off at 2nd lvl.  As always we have horses for sale as we try to get a bit of a smaller herd and we are out there teaching people about Friesians and having fun doing it!

So now in between that I need to get the news out and let everyone know what is going on, I should be bloggin it to you.  Hmm.  I have a feeling it won’t be happening right now but I need to figure out how to.  So I hope to get the news out but til now I need to think, how does one sit down to blog?


The Dragon celebrates 20 yrs!

Oh boy… It is hard to imagine that we have hit 20 yrs.  We never thought when we first started what we could have accomplished or shall I say what we have.  All we wanted was to breed the best Friesians we could.

We started with our gelding Caesar and went looking for mares with our first foals arriving in 1995.  One of those being my mare Lucia and another being Lionheart, the one and only, he arrived first and of course has been the one and only since than, well, he thinks he is the one and only and he always will be.  From there we have had our first premies, our sters, our models and ster stallions.  I suppose within the Dutch registry the only thing we have not done is to make a stallion.  Lionheart made ster, he made that the first year they started that, they loved him but told us they would not make him stallion as he was too laid back…lol…wth!  We were though the first farm that made a model mare in the US, Sietscke, now that was a trip, which paved the way for everyone else and made it a whole lot easier.

Outside of the Dutch we have shown all over the US.   Within the USDF we have taken many breeder awards and all sorts of performance awards within the USEF and IFSHA as well as our stallion Bearend taking Friesian stallion of the year for multiple years and BDF being both Breeder and Owner of the year as well.  And our favorite, Lionheart, taking Horse of the Year, which he likes a lot as well.  I could list all sorts of stuff that we are proud of every year and I admit one of the things we love is excelling in our costumes, ok, so that is not quite performance but we love to do it, from Armor to Period and Fantasy.  We make what goes in the ring and we have a ball doing it.

But it really all comes down to the horses.  I love going out and just leaning on one of the Friesians and getting a hug while being mugged from others.  The joy of just watching a foal being born.  All of the little things, well, of course fixing fencing is not among that list!  While it has its down sides as well and the longer we are here we dread the days our Friesian family members leave us but we look back with smiles on the memories we created.  I can only hope there is another 20 yrs but either way we will love every minute we have with them.